Engage Key Accounts With Automated Ads

Rikibo makes it easy to target key accounts across channels, shortening sales cycles and driving better results.

Rikibo for Retail

Generate cost-effective leads

Your online ads are designed to reach more of your target audience, educate potential customers, and drive new leads and sales.

Rikibo allows you to do so in a cost-effective manner by automatically using A/B testing and data to ensure your advertising dollars are spent on the right ads, and shown to the right audience.

Cut business-to-business lead costs
Account-Based Marketing

Advertise to the companies of your choice

With our ABM offering, Rikibo enables you to easily target decision makers at the companies of your choice. This targeted approach allows you to start conversations between your sales team and your target accounts, delivering bigger deals, faster.

Increase conversions with custom landing pages

Rikibo now offers custom built landing pages for your B2B campaigns. We'll work with you to ensure your message is being effectively tested and conveyed, and that you're getting the lead information you need to close more deals.

Custom landing pages
Automate your customer journeys

Automated customer journeys

Create automated, multi-step customer journeys to ensure your story is being told in a compelling, sequential manner.

You'll work with your dedicated account manager to ensure buyers are segmented and mapped according to the ways in which they've interacted with your ads and website. This certifies that customers are seeing personalized content across channels.