Making marketing easier

Rikibo's ad automation software and industry-leading support allow you to increase performance while keeping your marketing team lean.

Automated Ad Creation

Get started in minutes

Answer a few short questions about your business and the ad campaign you want to run.

Rikibo then generates beautiful ads for you and distributes them across major advertising networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google.

Automate your ad creation

Automated Targeting

Automated targeting

Targeting the wrong audience is a waste of your marketing dollars

With automated targeting, we help you send the right message to the right people.

Tools like interest targeting, demographic targeting, keyword targeting, third-party data, and customer lists enable us to build a personalized targeting strategy for you and your business.

Our platform also automatically tests lookalike audiences to facilitate prospecting, and retargeting audiences to drastically increase conversions.

Automated Optimization

Smart ad rotation

Your ads are strategically rotated to improve performance and reduce ad fatigue.

Predictive budget allocation

The Smart Budget Allocator optimizes your budget across ads, channels, and placements.

Optimization rules

Rules are triggered across channels in real-time to ensure you’re never wasting ad spend.

We're serious about great service

24/7 Customer Service

Dedicated Account Managers

In addition to our help center, you get an account manager that is dedicated to helping you succeed.

Our account managers are committed to learning about your business inside out and provide personalized recommendations to you and your team.

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Intuitive Analytics and Reporting

Understand how your ads are performing

After logging in, you're able to view your company overview. This helps you track and analyze the metrics that matter for your business. These include metrics such as ad spend, the number of clicks your ads receive, conversions, and more.

Intuitive Analytics and Reporting