Drive new leads to your gym

Effectively find new customers across Google, Facebook, and Instagram in a simple, low-cost way. Rikibo for Gyms provides advanced local targeting options and gym-specific objectives to drive new leads to your business.

Rikibo for Gyms

Get new leads, wherever they are

You no longer have to worry about whether you're advertising on the right marketing channel. Rikibo automatically builds and runs your ads across major advertising channels like Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

After enough data is collected, the Rikibo Optimization Engine automatically allocates your budget to the most effective channels and placements, ensuring you're getting the most out of your advertising dollars.

Get new leads for your gym
Create offers for your customers

Create offers to entice new members

Introductory offers are a great way to motivate people to try your gym and become new customers after seeing your ads. Just tell us what the offer is, and we'll build and run beautiful ads to promote it.

Get customers to phone your gym

By choosing the 'Phone Calls' ad objective, you're able to get customers to call you directly from the ad. These ads are perfect if you'd like to hear from your customers as soon as they see your ad, without needing to fill out a form on your website.

Use the 'Phone Calls' ad objective