Launching a Clothing Brand in the US

Harrison Haines's Launch Campaign for their new line of Men's Clothing showed a 510% Return on Ad Spend, reaching 10s of thousands of new customers across major US cities.

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Leveraging the brand's strengths

Even with their cult following, Harrison Haines had to stand out in the competitive clothing market. To build off the success of the brand's clothing line in Western Canada, management decided that they wanted to enter the US market.

The answer was a widespread launch initiative to reach and excite new customers across major US cities. To successfully launch in the United States, Alex Haines, the owner of Harrison Haines, knew that they needed a solid marketing strategy that ran across multiple channels.

Rikibo helped Alex showcase Harrison Haines's new products to trendy, in-market customers across key channels like Facebook, Instagram, and top online websites. These ads were showcased to 10s of thousands of new customers, grew their social media following by 41%, and provided a large increase in website traffic and sales.

With Rikibo as a partner in their expansion, Harrison Haines was able to continue to showcase their stylish products and tell their story, knowing that Rikibo would take care of the details and execution of their marketing strategy.

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Growing their business with Rikibo

Quick and simple setup

The Rikibo Automated Campaign Creation allowed Harrison Haines to get their ad campaign up and running in just a few minutes.

Multichannel campaigns

Harrison Haines leverages Rikibo's ability to get their product ads placed on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and across top websites on the Rikibo Exchange to reach new shoppers in major US cities.

Campaign optimizations

With Rikibo's Smart Optimizations, Harrison Haines's campaign is continuously optimized to ensure their budget is reaching the largest number of converting customers.