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Introduction to the Guide

I’ve been there. Many times over.

There are an incredible amount of variables that go into a marketing plan. You can quickly get flustered, forget to plan for certains things, or even completely give up on creating a formal plan.

But it’s a vital task.

It allows you to prioritize. It allows you to track your progress towards your goals.

Now you may ask, why did we choose to provide such a comprehensive marketing guide, and make it absolutely free?

Personally, I’ve read thousands of blog posts and books, listened to podcasts, you name it. Our team has witnessed growth from inside some of the top technology startups and companies in Canada and internationally. And we’ve learned many lessons along the way. This guide is one of the ways in which we hope to share some of these lessons to you, and help you put them into practice.

In providing you with this guide, we hope that you’re able to avoid a few avoidable missteps.

We also hope that with this guide in hand, you’re able to have a little more peace-of-mind, knowing you’re approaching every day with a strong marketing strategy and system in place.


Brennan Clark
Co-Founder, Rikibo