Optimize your mobile user acquisition today.

Rikibo enables your mobile business to cut user acquisition costs and increase your app's revenues.

Rikibo for Mobile Apps

Cut your customer acquisition costs

Rikibo allows you to find new users in a cost-effective manner by automatically A/B testing ad variations and optimizing through the latest data science techniques. This ensures that your advertising dollars are spent on the right ads, and shown to the right audience.

Optimize your mobile app ad campaigns
Use custom and lookalike audiences

Leverage custom and lookalike audiences

With Rikibo's newly-launched audience management portal, you can import your user list, email list, or other customer data source. You can then choose to advertize directly to these audiences.

In addition, Rikibo automatically tests a variety of lookalike audiences for all top of the funnel campaigns. Talk to your Rikibo account manager today to set up your custom audiences.

Grow your app internationally

Rikibo's team has extensive experience launching apps in foreign markets. Whether you're looking to break into new markets ranging from the United States to France, we're here to help you succeed in internationally.

Reach new markets with Rikibo